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Ever heard of obstacle races? These exciting races, for which you must aim to cross the finish line out of breath and covered with mud...

The Sand Race is similar with 20 crazy obstacles, but with an extra ingredient: thousands tons of sand! This thrilling race will take place in the biggest sand quarry in Belgium.

Slippery slopes to climb, endless bumps, fences to get over, inflatable structures to tame ... You will have to run, climb, jump, swim, give you all, fight and struggle to get to the end of this extraordinary adventurers journey...  And when you are exhausted, you will have to stay on your guards to avoid the sandstorm and not get caught by the mirages.

To do with friends or colleagues! 





30€ for the first 350 registered (SOLD OUT)

40€ until February 24 (SOLD OUT)

45€ until April 07 (SOLD OUT)

50€ until June 09 (SOLD OUT)

60€ until the Sand Race


27,5€ for the first 150 registered (SOLD OUT)

35€ until February 24 (SOLD OUT)

40€ until April 07 (SOLD OUT)

45€ until June 09 (SOLD OUT)

55€ until the Sand Race

* based on available tickets

(sold-out in 2016 and 2017)


Rue des trois Burettes, 65

1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert  

3 minutes away from the N4 and the Axis Parc of Louvain-La-Neuve


This year the Sand Race celebrates its 5th birthday and takes you in the 4 elements!


In the Oasis you will find everything you need to relax after the effort and to celebrate your success!